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What is a XML Sitemap?

In general, this is a list of URLs for your website in a form of XML file (it also known as Google Sitemap because it was first introduced by Google). Besides that it allows you to include additional SEO-specific information about each URL such as the date it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is. XML format ensures that this information can be easily processed on different kinds of computers, applications and systems, so Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu, AOL, Yandex etc.) won't have any problems with understanding your sitemap files.

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XML Sitemap sample:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<urlset xmlns="">












The sitemap example above contains 2 URLs and all of the allowed optional tags: <lastmod>, <changefreq> and <priority>.

There are a couple of limitations imposed by Google: a single XML sitemap file can contain not more then 50,000 URLs and may not be larger than 10 Megabytes.

Why do you need a Sitemap

...because it allows to inform Search Engines about important pages on your website. That increases its visibility to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex etc., and ensures indexing of the web pages that might not be discovered otherwise. Those provide additional information about your site to searching engines, complementing their traditional methods of crawling the World Wide Web. All major search engines use the same XML-based protocol for that. This means that having an XML Sitemap will let Google, Yahoo, Microsoft's Bing (MSN), and Ask have up-to-date information any time you upload a new map file to your server.

XML Sitemaps are especially helpful if:

  • You have a brand new website
  • Your web-site has dynamic content generated by CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc)
  • Your website contains a lot of pages or has a complex navigation
  • You don't have desired Google PageRank
  • Some of your webpages are either not accessible from the main page and its children, or are burried too deep in the page hierarchy

If our Sitemap Generator stumple across broken links on your website, our Sitemap Generator will ignore them and inform you about any dead links.

How to create XML Sitemap

Creating XML Sitemap is easy with our free online XML Sitemap generator. To get your map file generated simply type in your URL and on the next page make selections for 3 optional parameters - page changing frequency, last modified date and page priority. See sitemap maker page screenshot.

What is "Page changing frequency"?
This value indicates how frequently the content at a particular URL is likely to change.

What is "Last modified date"?
The time the URL was last modified. This information allows search engines' crawlers to avoid recrawling documents that haven’t changed. You can let the generator take the information from your server or specify your own date and time.

What is "Page changing frequency"?
The priority of a particular page relative to other pages on the same website. As Google specified the value for this tag is a number between 0.0 and 1.0 where 0.0 identifies the lowest priority page(s) on your website, and 1.0 - the highest. The default priority of a page is 0.5. Note that our map builder can generate page priorities for you automatically by analyzing relative positions of your web pages in the website tree.

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Uploading your XML Sitemap

Uploading is very easy: just download the generated sitemap.xml file from our download page and place it into the root directory of your website (most of the time root directory is the directory where your index file is).

Is the GoldwingStudios XML Sitemap Generator unintrusive and safe-to-use with low resource machines?

Yes, our xml sitemap builder browses only web pages that are freely accessible by everyone and only uses a few threads to crawl your site to create your XML Sitemap. Content restricted by your robots.txt file from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines will not be included in your sitemap.xml file. We reduced the maximum amount of simultanious requests to 5 to reduce network load of your website. Please make sure that our server wont get blocked while creating the sitemap. You can add the servers IP-Address ( to your whitelist to prevent a blocking of our server.

Learn more about XML Sitemaps

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Why GoldwingStudios XML Sitemap Generator?

  • Our online XML Sitemap Generator combines unique features for user-friendliness and functionality.
  • The generator supports national languages (any local charsets and character encodings including UTF-8 etc.) and has got a sophisticated retry logic to deal with distant hosts and slow networks.
  • The Page priorities have to be manually set in the Sitemap file.
  • The GoldwingStudios Sitemap Generator crawler always obeys robots.txt files and follow robots.txt rules as per Google's recommendations.
  • GoldwingStudios Sitemap Generator webbased service is 100% online tool. This means that you don't need to install any software on your computer, or upload any PHP scripts to your website. Moreover - you will be able to create your free site-map files on any computer no mater if it's Mac, PC, iPad, or Android device, and whether it runs Windows, Mac / Apple OSX , iOS, Android, HP WebOS, Chrome OS / Chromium, Linux or UNIX. Microsoft Windows 8 is fully supported too. The same is true from the content management perspective: you may manage you content manually or use CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Magento - in all cases our HTTP crawler will always work well for you!
  • Our Google/XML/Sitemap creator comes with another useful SEO feature - a free broken link checker that detects and reports broken hyperlinks right while making your Google site-map. Note that in order to use this broken-links checker you need to make a map with our online xml sitemap maker.
  • Our online service is of a professional grade and offers a build-in Sitemap validator that validates generated site-map files and reports whether the XML is well-formed and valid. Note that wellformness and its compliance with the XML Schema are critical factors: otherwise Google, Bing, and Yahoo and others won't be able to understand your sitemap.
  • This service is capable of handling any website no matter if it's coded by hand - with pure HTML / XHTML, or is based on PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion etc. or is built using Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Magento, or any other CMS. E-Commerce Platforms like WooCommerce and Shopware will work as well.